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About Nelsons Wine Bar

Situated in the basement of the old coop building NWB has been integral to the fabric of the town. Providing an inclusive space for LGBTQI + friends. The bar was established in 1995. The inherited name comes from the Archers radio show.


Despite facing multiple devastating floods and setbacks, the bar has persevered and transitioned to a plant-based establishment upon reopening in May 2021. The community’s support and resilience have been crucial in helping the bar bounce back after each disaster, showcasing a newfound sense of unity and camaraderie among its members. The installation of pump systems further demonstrates the bar’s commitment to resilience and adaptation in the face of adversity.

Come in and eat

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 5pm til 11pm

Kitchen open from 5pm - 9 pm

Friday: 5pm til late

Kitchen 5pm - 9pm

Saturday: 4pm til late

Kitchen 4pm - 9pm

Book a Table

01422 847643